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I’m Prasenjit, or more commonly PC, as most of my friends and foes call me. I was born somewhere, and then grew up in multiple places. Along the way I went to few schools and an engineering college where I learned many interesting things to start a 'Techy-Career'. Then I lived in different cities and worked for different organizations, eventually ended up where I am now. And this is where I think I should be. I hope to continue doing it for sometime now...

From the time I got my first camera till date, I photographed everything, everything I have seen and experienced, wildlife (more accurately zoo-life), nature, landscapes, streets. But overtime I felt, I grew a passion to frame expressions of people, hence started using every tools and technique I have, to make memorable portraits, & the simplicity of monochrome and low-key stuffs eluded me even more ( pardon my nostalgia for black and white films, where I have started as a kid ).

Other than the 'day-job-as-a-techy', I am currently engaged with Events, Concerts, and variations of Portrait photography. Yet to take the 'big-leap-of-faith'‏. It’s my hope that someday everyone who were there to appreciate and embrace my effort will find more out of me.. Stay tuned for more.


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